Arctic Circle Documentary

b90a0689-2Photo by Chad Brown




CONCEPT: Develop story and shoot in the Arctic and Alaska covering youth and veterans experience on this expedition. Heavy logistics / Planning / Gear Supervising and Manaagement
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What happens when you merge inner-city youth and veterans together on a once-in-a-lifetime deployment to the top of the world’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge? Witness the relationships forged while experiencing Mother Nature and Her healing powers through the lens of a veteran and youth. Learn how conservation becomes another ‘participant’ and the experience is equally shared with arduous moments of valuable life lessons. Journey into wild Alaska with us as we then connect with Alaska Geographic youth on the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge. This is the stage where inner city youth become the teacher and veterans become the guide, all emerging in Alaska’s rugged yet pristine stage.

“I Am Conservation,” documents our epic 2016 Arctic and Alaska Scientific Exploration deployment. Help us raise enough support to take even more youth and veterans to mysterious, magical outdoor places that they otherwise wouldn’t get to explore in hopes of altering their education and career lives forever!

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Video Director – Tim Diens – Northwestern Exposure

Story Develop, Camera Work, Story Editing, Producing

Creative Director – Chad Brown
Story develop/ Storyboard/Graphics