Creative Director / Designer


Welcome to the bustling intersection of passion and creativity. Where complex ideas, successful campaigns, and ingenious creativity merge at speeds so incomprehensible, only the elite can keep up. My concepts, designs, and creations were founded in my early years as an elementary artist, a teenage trend-setter, and ultimately at the cream-of-the-crop Pratt Institute in NYC where I achieved my Masters of Science in Communication Design.

This was my ticket to opportunity, the catalyst to my career. I moved on to motivate and manage interdisciplinary teams, both as official in-house, freelance, and A-list agency hotshots. I designed, art directed, photographed, and managed brands from the ground up. I have also been known to write a few killer taglines from time to time! Today, I am a seasoned, multi-channel agency meeting your needs as a creative director, designer, and photographer.

I’ve worked with brands known around the globe such as Phatfarm, Nike, Epic Group, and Campbell Ewald West….and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I’ve worn every hat on the rack, walked in every type of shoe, and leaped tall buildings in a single bound.

My professional and personal interests lie in communication design and the efforts of conservation and nature – flyfishing, to be exact! In fact, Chado Creative is the creative house behind my Portland-based business Soul River Runs Deep. and Soul River Inc. the nonprofit But don’t let me being a fly fisherman fool you as it really just thickens my plot for world domination one brand at a time. Perhaps yours will be next! Are you ready to up the ante and to drive your business to new audiences with fresh perspective and authenticity?

Key areas:
Creative Direction
Art Direction
Senior-level Design
Brand Management
Photo Post-Production

DWP Main Stage 2016: Chad Brown from Design Week Portland on Vimeo.